It’s very hard to visualize only from abstract descriptions. In simple words, ‘Refactoring is the art of moving in small verified steps’. At WolfWare, you’ll experience how our refactoring process works in the context of real examples from iOS code.

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How it works

Refactoring is all about taking some existing code and making it even better. "Better" can mean a lot of things, but it encapsulates everything that improves the code and ultimately the performance of app.

Implement New Features

Your app may require new changes and features after an extensive user experience. We’re ready to workout on possible options based on your needs.

Formulate a Plan

We’ll work out a good plan for iOS app refactoring and to achieve desired result within planned time frame.

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Whether you already have a project specification, or you just want to learn more about the way we work, we are just a message away.

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With years of experience, we’ve worked across different range of iOS products. From simple to complex digital experiences, we’ve done it all.

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