The worst thing you can do is launch an app and then forget about it. Without upkeep, you’re missing out on chances to improve UX/UI, stay up-to-date, prepare for scaling, and crush bugs in time.
TL;DR: Your app needs regular maintenance to remain durable, dependable, & desirable.

What we offer

Featured maintenance services

QA Testing & Bug Hunting

Once an app is developed, we move on to QA (quality analysis) testing. The period dedicated to QA testing helps us ensure that the code is bug-free & that the app runs smoothly.

Post-launch Maintenance

After-sales support includes a month of free maintenance, where we stay on board to fix any bugs your users may report.

”Wash me”

Don’t let your idea collect dust on a shelf. Solopreneurs & businesses alike reap incredible benefits by launching apps that users love. Made by a team that respects your privacy & intellectual property.