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Project Description

Travelers are becoming more independent and less reliant on travel agents. Travel technology now helps millions of people book flights and hotel rooms and rent cars. People all over the world are comfortable planning entire trips using mobile devices. In fact, 48 percent of US travelers search, book, and plan trips using only a mobile device. What’s more, travelers use mobile travel software to find activities and attractions, locate shopping areas and restaurants, and look up directions. These and other travel and technology trends are shaping the industry. An app’s value proposition depends on its target audience. For example, travel technology services for couples and newlyweds will differ from services for business trips. Here are the types of travelers you can target your solution at: • families • honeymooners • singles • retired people • spring break and summer abroad students • group tourists (i.e. physically challenged, religious groups, different minority groups, etc.) • business travelers • people who are relocating due to a change in job or other circumstances

Development Process

1. Planning Phase

Before launching an app, it is important to have a clear focus: what challenges does the mobile app solve, who is the target audience, what features to include, and so on.

2. design phase

On this phase, the design team comes up with the user interface and user experience, that is, the looks, feel, and navigation. The design is then carried over to mobile app developers.

3. development phase

This phase of the app development process flow involves creating a functional app from the existing design.

4. testing phase

When the development is finished, it is obligatory to test the application. QA engineers review the app to make sure it functions seamlessly and has no bugs.

5. app launch & maintenance

Every application requires continued maintenance and needs to be updated often to address the quickly changing customer demands. So, this phase simply marks the beginning of another development cycle.

Cost & Time Estimate

$15,000 TO $100,000

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