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Food & drink

According to Douglas Adams’ The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, every major Galactic Civilization goes through three stages: Survival, Inquiry, & Sophistication. The first is defined by the question: “How can we eat?” The second, “Why do we eat?” and the third, “Where shall we have lunch?” We could argue that our civilization has arrived at a fourth stage, Convenience: “Where should we order from?”

People always look for that special touch when paying for convenience. So what will we do differently: put origami animals in meal boxes or design a unique loyalty point program for users? If not, there are always iOS recipe or review apps. People love to hate.

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Technically, there are small, medium, and large apps. Once we get a better grasp of your app’s characteristics, we can tell you how long it’ll take to make it.

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This is where we map out our game plan. We determine the utility, audience, & principal characteristics of your app so that we can move forward with a clear focus in mind.


We cook up the look & feel of your app. We hone in on aesthetics, navigation, & usability so it can be beautiful and have personality! Translation? Great UX & UI that’ll get users hooked.


With all the ingredients in the mix, it’s time to put that app in the oven. We take the best design solutions to develop your idea into a functional app.


We take that baby out for a spin before unleashing it onto the public. Our hawk-eyed, nit-picky, anal-retentive QA engineers review it to ensure it’s seamless & bug-free.

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We ship your app to the App store, where it can garner some love, & then stay on board to fix any bugs that may pop up. This is also the beginning of a new & crucial phase: maintenance.

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