Project Description


One of the wonderful things about the Internet & digitization is that they’ve democratized education. This presents you with the opportunity to develop an education iOS app that will reach a global audience of students!

Education apps are very versatile. They can be served as a “main dish” – the main curriculum – or as a “side dish” – supplementary to external programs. They can target any age group – give or take a color. They allow users to learn at their own pace & place. And finally, the different types of learners – visual, auditory, readers/writers, etc. – are hungry to discover knowledge in a tailor-made way. So, what is your vision: recorded lessons, flashcards, or something else altogether?

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Cost & time Estimate


Tell us how you envision your app, so that we can give you a cost estimate. Factors include app size, complexity of features, UX/UI design, etc.


Technically, there are small, medium, and large apps. Once we get a better grasp of your app’s characteristics, we can tell you how long it’ll take to make it.

How it works

Our development Process


This is where we map out our game plan. We determine the utility, audience, & principal characteristics of your app so that we can move forward with a clear focus in mind.


We cook up the look & feel of your app. We hone in on aesthetics, navigation, & usability so it can be beautiful and have personality! Translation? Great UX & UI that’ll get users hooked.


With all the ingredients in the mix, it’s time to put that app in the oven. We take the best design solutions to develop your idea into a functional app.


We take that baby out for a spin before unleashing it onto the public. Our hawk-eyed, nit-picky, anal-retentive QA engineers review it to ensure it’s seamless & bug-free.

Launch & Maintenance

We ship your app to the App store, where it can garner some love, & then stay on board to fix any bugs that may pop up. This is also the beginning of a new & crucial phase: maintenance.

Education doesn’t end with schooling

Whether it’s a full-grown idea or a promising fledgling, get in touch with us to brainstorm & make it happen.