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Anyone who says they don’t love gaming is either:
a. Lying; or
b. Has not found the right game yet.
Let’s create it together.


Business apps simplify the operations, marketing, & training processes of an organization. Whether it’s CRM (customer relationship management) software, a unique inbox service, or anything in between – we got you.


One of the wonderful things about the Internet & digitization is that they’ve democratized education. Develop an iOS app that will reach a global audience of students!

Health & Fitness

Pulse measuring, heart rate calculating, step tracking, exercise recommending, & meal planning apps have offered utility to users & challenged the landscape. It’s your turn.


Streaming has taken over TV. Books are never out of style, though how we read them changes. Music always finds an audience. In a space brimming with opportunity, the only question is: do you want to set trends or disrupt? Because we’re cool with both.

Food & Drink

Honestly, there just aren’t enough recipe apps out there. And no, Instagram doesn’t count. We’re also interested in launching the world’s first broomstick-based food delivery service, but the technology isn’t there yet. In the meantime, whatchu got?


People plan entire trips on their mobile. It’s much harder for an app to scam you than a travel agent.


It’s great how lazy we are because e-commerce is constantly growing. Enjoy the profit & associated benefits of bringing people’s shopping to their front door.

Social Networking

Just as we think that the market for social networks is saturated, something new & different pops up & fills a vacuum we never knew existed. Let us invent new ways to bring family, friends, lovers, & coworkers closer together.

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