Who we are

About us

A pair of Аpple fanboys, incidentally friends since one of them was in diapers, got together in 2021 & decided to finally do it. Not it, but it – launch a design-driven, people-first iOS development service. From bootstraps to Fortune 500s, our team of all-star geeks keeps growing & making dents in the formidable app landscape.

How it all happened

Once upon a time…


Our story begins decades ago in a land on the Old Continent. Two little boys played Super Mario on Nintendo 64 sitting on one of their grandma’s orange rugs, gazing starry-eyed at the TV’s bulging screen. Imagine if we did this, they mused. Imagine if we made games!

Martin Peshevski

Holds puzzle-solving record.

Mihail Donevski

The “but why?” kid.

The Story’s climax

In the not-so-distant 2021, the very same boys – except now, arguably men – decided it’s time to take their 6-year-old selves up on that early stroke of inspiration. With years of experience under their belts & a shared admiration for the simple, user-oriented, & intuitive design of Apple tech, our two co-founders – Martin and Mihail – decided that they want to make iOS apps that users will love. And thus, WolfWare was born.

Martin Peshevski

CEO, iOS Tech Lead

Analytical, systematic, & tech-savvy, our CEO always finds the best way to get things done. His unwavering loyalty + strategic mindset make Martin one of those rare people who lead by example.

Mihail Donevski

Co-founder, COO

A detail-oriented, innovation-driven visionary who takes every project a step further with a single “why not?” Mihail sees the best in people and ideas, but he also wants the best from people and ideas.

Our universe keeps expanding

Now, we’re a growing team of talented & driven geeks fulfilling promises to their 6-year-old selves by doing something they love & being unapologetically awesome at it.

“Leave the gibberish to us.
Your great idea, our high-quality code.

Why we do it

We want to take something that is considered complex – coding – and use it to simplify the lives of users. And hell, we also want to leave a dent in tech history.

How we do it

We are bold yet considerate, we are passionate yet patient, we are ever-growing yet dependable, we prize privacy yet are transparent, we value respect yet will make fun of you if you wear a fedora.

Who we are

Our core values

Values that we, the WolfWare team, share and hold to.

You come first.

We design with your end-user in mind.

Go big or go home.

Bold ideas always encouraged.

Break the ceiling.

We always want to grow & improve.

Work with heart.

Because if we don’t, what’s the point?

Grow a community.

Our team & clients can feel at home.

With all due respect…

We foster an environment of inclusivity, honesty, & trust.

Stay with the times.

Grow your app with cutting-edge tech & leave competitors in the dust.

Trust is built.

We give the utmost importance to clients’ privacy & intellectual property.

Like us? good, let’s work together.

Whether it’s a full-grown idea or a promising fledgling, get in touch with us to brainstorm & make it happen.